The modern world and Australia

I have learnt about:

  • The Industrial Revolution
  • Slaves, convicts, and settlers
  • European imperial expansion
  • Political ideas in the period
  • ACOKFH016
  • ACOKFH015
  • ACOKFH017
  • ACOKFH019

World War I


I have learnt about:

  • The causes of World War I
  • Australia’s involvement in World War I
  • The commemoration of World War I
  • ACDSEH021
  • ACDSEH095
  • ACDSEH096
  • ACDSEH097

Workbook Examples

World War II

I have learnt about:

  •  How we know about WWII
  • Causes of WWII: Nazis’ rise to power and Japanese militarism
  • Australia at war
  • Australian woman at war
  • Australia and the US alliance
  • Kokoda
  • War crimes
  • The end of the war

Migration Experiences

I have learnt about:

  • Australia after WWII
  • The White Australia Policy
  • Assisted migration
  • Bonegilla
  • The Snowy Mountains Scheme
  • Immigration from Asia
  • ‘White Australia’ to multiculturalism
  • The Tampa incident